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eotech xps2 vs exps2

(ANSWERED), ACOG vs EOTech with Magnifier – Which Is Better? They contain no metal-coated or mirrored surfaces to reveal your location. Make sure to take the time to train with iron sights as well. Some people spend many weeks or months doing their research, asking themselves the very questions which we have raised here: what am I going to use this weapon for? 811 Posts . Your email address will not be published. I'm in need of an optic for my 11.5" patrol duty rifle, It's a 5.56 lmt. EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight w/ 68 MOA Ring and 1 MOA Dot Reticle, Black - $509.00 Extreme XPS HWS EXPS2 from EOTech is the perfect additon to your rifle for quick and precise target acquisition. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. Variable brightness is another friendly feature of the EXPS2-0 and most EOTech variants. 61 product ratings - EOTech EXPS2 Red Holographic Weapon Sight w/Side Buttons and Single QD Lever. There are now three models of the EOTECH holographic weapon sight counterfeits that are in the market, primarily sold through web sites based in China and Korea, EBay, and at local gun shows. Eotech XPS2-0 Review – Conclusions… So in the end, is the Eotech EXPS2-0 a holographic sight worth buying? By. (ANSWERED), Vortex vs Nikon Scopes – Which Are Better? The controls are on the left-hand side, so lefties have to move their firing hand to adjust or make awkward movements to do so. November 12, 2020. Quick view. However, the XPS2 did not reduce the overall size of the objective lens. Select options. EOTech EXPS Scope Hood And Lens Cover Combo $ 55.10. EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight 65 MOA Circle with 1 MOA Dot New! I recently got a SCAR-16 in FDE and have been trying to decide what optic to get. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Answer: YES! The Eotech EXPS2-0 Offers true 2 eyes open shooting, a transversly mounted lithium 123 battery, and 7 mm raised base offering iron sight access, the new EXPS2 features easy to adjust side buttons and a single, quick release throw lever for easy attachment and removal. Of those two, I'd certainly go with the EXPS2. The most obvious of which is that the EXPS2 has the letter E at the beginning of its name. Both optics are designed to work with military-standard Picatinny rails and work with magnifiers. In fact, both optics are submersible to 10 meters. Work, winter weather, holiday obligations, etc. The difference between the two holosights is remarkable. The EXPS2 has side mounted controls that are well out of the way for using rear-mounted magnifiers. – The XPS2 model has 5 different reticle patterns to choose from, and the E model has 2. Eotech vs. Vortex – A brief comparison. The EXPS2 (see full specs) offers two reticle options, and that is the previously mentioned -0 and the similar -2 reticle. (ANSWERED), Nikon Prostaff vs Monarch Scopes & Binoculars – Differences Explained 2020. This series of sights offers more reticle options, a smaller and more compact package, and the ability to add other accessories with greater ease. If you are building out a full-sized rifle or combat shotgun than 2.2 ounces won’t be an issue. Optics and Reticle. Terrence Miller - November 12, 2020. However, they bear multiple differences which make one better than the other. Counterfeit Alert: EOTECH Holographic Sights. EOTech EXPS Scope Hood And Lens Cover Combo $ 55.10. So I decided to replace it with this EXPS2-0 sight, which is compact enough to allow enough real estate to pair with an Eotech G33 Magnifier so that everything sits on the receiver, without having to mount anything on the hand guard rail. You can listen to friends and consult with fellow gun-owners and weapons-enthusiasts, but ultimately the decision is yours. As well, the company more recently released the XPS2-300 Blackout model designed for zeroing in both super and subsonic rounds, making it difficult for some hunters to decide which one is best. If you aren’t going to use – don’t get it. I’m also not sure if it will really make a difference to me in the uses I have in mind. Buy It Now +$14.90 shipping. But seriously, folks. EOTech 558 Scope Hood And Lens Cover Combo $ 55.10. The EOTech EXPS2 is a fantastic sight for those of us who want holographic awesomeness but do not need a night vision capability. Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions or want anything else clarified. An absolute co-witness is often a cloudy picture, so it is best reserved for guns with folding iron sights. 130 Posts . Both units will also run continuously for 600 hours, and both are professional-grade optics and are shock, fog and waterproof. If – after the research – you decide to go with EOTech, you will not be disappointed. And a better image of it inside. When it comes to close-quarter battle (CQB), the 1/3 co-witness is a much better option. The new Razor AMG UH-1 sight is the first holographic sight from Vortex. (ANSWERED), Straight 8 Sights vs 3 Dot Sights – Which Are Better? EOTech EXPS2 vs XPS2. EOTech EXPS2-0 At the Range. Holosun optics are made in China. Vortex Optics Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight vs Eotech XPS2-2 Review and Comparison. Both optics are designed to be used in combative environments, but both also excel for sports shooting and even close range hunting. – The XPS series has the control buttons on the rear of the device, and the E series has them on the side. EOTech offers a wide range of holographic weapons sights (HWS) including the 2010s-launched Eotech EXPS vs XPS. 11 watchers. Buy EOTech Model EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight (Green Circle-Dot Reticle) featuring Circle-Dot Reticle, Green Laser Illumination, 20 Intensity Levels, Auto Shut-Off, 1x Magnification; Parallax-Free, Anti-Reflection Coated Optics, 1/2 MOA IPC, +/-40 MOA Windage/Elevation, Submersible to 33', Fog Resistant, Quick Release Picatinny/Weaver Mount, Power: One CR123 Battery, Made in the USA. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 28, 2012. As stated in the tech spec, the XPS2 and EXPS2 sights do not offer night vision compatibility. Eotech vs. Red Dot – How do they differ? A full 30 yards of viewable space can be seen through the optic at 100 yards and four-inches eye relief. 2. The bottom line for toughness and durability is hands down the Eotech XPS2. November 12, 2020. Both will provide you with a great little optic, but their specific differences do narrow it down to your purposes. Optics and Reticle. Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2: Where These Two Differ. They’re used by the military’s special-ops and law-enforcement. Owner of Reloaderaddict.com, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. Almost all specs are identical as well – almost. Buy EOTech Model EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight (Green Circle-Dot Reticle) featuring Circle-Dot Reticle, Green Laser Illumination, 20 Intensity Levels, Auto Shut-Off, 1x Magnification; Parallax-Free, Anti-Reflection Coated Optics, 1/2 MOA IPC, +/-40 MOA Windage/Elevation, Submersible to 33', Fog Resistant, Quick Release Picatinny/Weaver Mount, Power: One CR123 Battery, Made in the USA. The main difference is the fact the XPS2 has been shortened and had a reduction in weight. The EXPS2-2 (ballistic dual dot reticle) is available as a holographic hybrid model. With our quick switch-to-side (STS) mount and iron-sight backup, EOTECH’s shortest HWS provides effortless engagement of the 3X magnifier to put you in control at any range. Eotech EXPS2-2. This is especially true on weapons designed to be light and easy handling like SMGs, Shotguns, and PCCs. The shorter EOTech’s have a couple variants…but I like the EXPS2-0 compared to the regular XPS line since it is 1/3 co-witness which doesn’t get in the way as much if you have irons or backup irons (Best AR-15 Backup Irons). They have similar exterior design, same overall size, and equal weight. The reticle is easy to acquire and the controls are simple to use. The XPS2 uses a traditional system for attaching an optic to a rail. Buy It Now +$14.90 shipping. The Holosun 510C optics are clear and crisp; the color is clean, there is no blue or green tint on the reflection. Rapid target acquisition is paramount.

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