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Colorado Mountain College is a very student-oriented college encouraging student success. Opening the Vet Tech program in 1969, Colby Community College has one of the oldest programs in the nation. This setting lets you choose to work with a variety of animals — horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats or exotics. Financial Aid Assistant If you in veterinary technology prepares you to practice as a professional veterinary technician. The program covers topics such as anatomy and physiology, radiology, parasitology, medical and surgical nursing, anesthesia and pharmacology. A high school diploma or GED equivalency is needed and some programs will ask for SAT/ACT test scores while also issuing placement tests to new students. The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology offers a veterinary technician degree program, and continuing education courses for veterinary professionals. Between 2016 and 2019, 77.5 percent of all first-time test takers passed the VTNE. I accept my obligations to practice my profession conscientiously and with sensitivity, adhering to the profession’s Code of Ethics, and furthering my knowledge and competence through a commitment to lifelong learning. Often the number of job opportunities exceeds our supply of students. Since the beginning of the Veterinary Technology Program in 1970, more than 95 percent of the program graduates have secured careers in animal health or a closely related field. Courses include medical mathematics; biochemistry; introduction to veterinary technology and animal behavior; parasitology; pharmacology; and diagnostic imaging; among others. With classes such as veterinary medical chemistry, technical writing, and anesthesiology, Bel-Rea prepares its graduates to handle animals, assist with surgeries, and perform common laboratory and diagnostic procedures. Administrative Office: +1-970-945-8691 Searching for Veterinary Technician Schools near Aguilar CO 81020? Here are some highlights from our program: Small class sizes. Students gain broad work experience with many different animals in the teaching hospital, 220-acre farm and nearby animal shelter. Internships consist of 15 weeks at four veterinary hospitals/facilities and are supervised by veterinarians and veterinary technologists. O*NET (2020)—a data organization allied with the US Department of Labor—reports that vet techs maintain animal medical records; assist veterinarians with medical treatments, dental care, diagnostic imaging, or surgeries; keep inventory of supplies; liaise with pet-owners about proper care; process laboratory samples to diagnose conditions; and monitor the medical status of veterinary patients. Students who do well in school are adequately prepared for the exam after graduation. The “Animal Care” class teaches you how to care for them. 20. Many states require only a passing grade on the VTNE. VTNE first time pass rates for graduates of this program between 2017 and 2020 were 89.8 percent. Courses include foundations in biology and chemistry; diagnostic imaging for veterinary technicians; laboratory animal science; anatomy and physiology for veterinary technicians; dentistry techniques; and more. If you want to pursue training on campus, Pima Medical Institute in Colorado Springs offers a training pro… First year VT classes usually contain 25-32 students. This certification lasts for two years and must be renewed following the completion of 20 continuing education (CE) hours. Get Free Information on Programs, Online Schools and How to Become a Vet Tech in Colorado. Certification for Vet Tech in Colorado Before you become a certified vet tech in Colorado, you must pass the Veterinary Technical National Exam. This setting lets you choose to work with a variety of animals — horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats or exotics. You must pass with a minimum score of … The Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians (CACVT)—the largest association of its kind in the nation at nearly 3,000 members—reports on the common path to join this career in the state. Students typically complete their coursework online and fulfill clinical requirements at veterinary clinics or similar facilities conveniently close to their homes. Full accreditation means that the program has met all the standards set by the CVTEA for a period of five years or more. This school also has the country’s only certification in animal shelter management. You'll care for horses, cattle, sheep, alpacas and the usual assortment of turkeys, chickens, cats, and birds. To become a veterinary technician (vet tech) in Arizona you can seek the graduate qualification from a number of vet tech schools in Arizona. There are currently eight CVTEA-accredited programs in Colorado. Our students obtain extensive hands-on training and benefit from comprehensive field experience. Pima Medical Institute offers a veterinary technician program in Aurora and Colorado Springs, CO as well as other locations around the US. This AAS program has coursework in clinical pathology, microbiology, animal handling and restraint, and veterinary clinic management. Vet techs are an integral and necessary part of veterinary medicine. Community College of Denver offers one of the most respected veterinary technology programs in the state. It’s similar to a Nurse for Animals, but Much More! This applies to all aspects of the program including, but not limited to assignments, testing, animal care treatments and medical record keeping. The staff and faculty work very hard to guide you through the material, but ultimately you are responsible for understanding the concepts presented. The program is designed to give you hands-on experience with many species of animals. Our 2600-square-foot hospital was designed by veterinarians and technicians to approximate a working veterinary hospital to provide on-the-job training. Additionally, the school has a gorgeous 220-acre campus in the Elk Mountains with a 2,600 square-foot veterinary hospital, state-of-the-art equipment, and a range of animals. CVTEA weighs several factors in its program-approval process, including institutional accreditation, physical facilities and equipment, resources for clinical instruction, admissions processes, student outcomes, and comprehensiveness of curricula. At CMC, Vet Tech students gain real-life experience handling large and small animals at a farm right on campus. Front Range Community College-Larimer Campus (FRCC) offers an AAS in veterinary technology with classes such as radiology, physiology, medical and surgical nursing, and exotic animal handling. The program can be completed in two years. For example, San Juan College based in New Mexico provides a CVTEA-approved, online associate of applied science (AAS) in veterinary technology. You can complete the program in five semesters and find career opportunities in private vet practices, research laboratories, kennels, zoos, and local, state and federal agencies. Another option for vet tech hopefuls is the Colorado Mountain College of lovely Glenwood Springs. Our latest curricula are available on this page for your reference. 802 Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, © 2020 / Colorado Mountain College Online Equine Vet Tech Schools Read about hybrid veterinary technology programs that offer coursework in equine care through a combination of online and on-campus classes. Your classes are set on a 220-acre facility filled with animals and overlooking the soaring Elk Mountains. Also, some vet techs choose to specialize in order to deepen their knowledge, enhance their job candidacy, and even increase their pay grade. Another good idea is to get some experience in a veterinary practice. Student Membership Associate (non-CVT) Membership CE CE Information for Certification CE Category Guidelines Speaker CE Approval Application *These courses are offered online, hybrid or on-ground. On Thursday, May 28, WCCC students and Amigo Animal Clinic staff hosted dogs, goats, chickens, kittens and a horse to mark the occasion. Colorado Mountain College in Spring Valley Campus is a small and friendly campus surrounded by exceptionally beautiful country. Once you receive notice from VA of your VET TEC eligibility, you can choose a program from this list and contact the provider. Rankings are based on peer assessment surveys that U.S. News send… The last was released in 2016 and the next is expected for the 20192020 academic year. Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology: Located in Colorado Springs, CAVT offers an eight-quarter vet tech program that prepares student to sit for the VTNE and pursue certification in the state of Colorado. Lapsed Renewal (exp '16, '18, or '20) Leaving Colorado? Each state has their own requirements for credentialing Veterinary Technicians. At CSU Pueblo, students have access to top-quality, accessible, and affordable learning. Students take classes such as vet nursing care, vet business procedures, and diagnostic imaging, putting their skills to the test at approved off-campus clinical instruction (OCCI) sites. 1. Students learn how to work with household pets, exotics, birds, lab animals, and food animals. Coursework in the 115.75-quarter-hour program includes clinical parasitology and microbiology, large animal nursing, medical and surgical nursing, and dentistry. The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology in Colorado Springs also provides a CVTEA-accredited associate of applied science degree (AAS) in veterinary technology. The CMC Vet Tech Program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. CCD's Veterinary Technology Program Veterinary technology two-year and three-year track classes are held on CCD's Lowry location in east Denver. Certified veterinary technicians (CVTs) typically graduate from a program accredited by the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA), a branch of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians (CACVT) maintains an active job board with opportunities at facilities such as CityVet, Littleton Equine Medical Center, West Denver Veterinary Hospital & Wellness, Vida Veterinary Care, Raintree Animal Hospital, Strasburg Veterinary Clinic, the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and more. Feel free to scroll down to the interactive map below to find out regional information about accredited vet tech programs (including online programs), expected salaries, and state credentialing. The program must be completed within 4 academic years. The Colorado Academy prides itself on small class sizes, a highly experienced faculty of veterinary specialists, and a very hands-on education. General Chemistry 1 and L… The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) In Colorado and nationwide, job openings for veterinary technicians are poised to explode in the coming years. Three classifications exist: full, initial and probationary. See addenda: “2 year track” and “3 year track” in the Veterinary Technology Program Guide. The education I received there, especially from professors like Dr. Frasier and Dr. Fails, prepared me and pushed me.” CCD’s vet tech program provides you with clinical experience in various Denver-area veterinary clinics and shelters. PPCC is a community college in El Paso County with our main campus in Colorado Springs. Additionally, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) has an online career center with continually updated opportunities in veterinary technology and assisting. A very rare achievement, 100 percent of this program’s graduates passed the VTNE on their first attempt between 2016 and 2019. The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology (CAVT) was founded by Dr. Steve Rubin in 2007. There is a $300.00 per semester program fee. Program length: day classes total 77 weeks and evening classes total 86 weeks. Graduates of the Apex vet tech program will have the entry level skills required to support veterinarians in the treatment of companion animal, equine, food animal, and lab animal populations. Enroll in our vet tech program and get hands-on skills needed to perform various medical tests and treatments under the supervision of a veterinarian. Colorado vet tech schools typically require applicants to send their official high school transcripts with proof of specific coursework (e.g., biology, chemistry, algebra, English); submit test scores from the SAT, ACT, or TOEFL (for non-native speakers of English); show proof of immunizations and health insurance; pass a background check; write a personal statement; and pay an application fee. This 72-credit program takes five semesters (two years) to complete. The first-time pass rate for the VTNE exam between 2016 and 2019 was a respectable 81 percent. The exam seeks to evaluate a vet tech’s practical and education proficiency. Students at CMC participate in the Learning Materials Program (LMP). The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA 2020) outlines state-based laws on the scope of practice for vet techs. First of all, proof of graduation from one of the accredited Colorado vet tech programs must be shown. emontpas@coloradomtn.edu. VET TEC Training Providers The providers and programs below are approved for VET TEC. Limitless exists to inspire everyday people to join the millions of people across our planet who are already taking small and mighty steps to heal our earth in their everyday lives. The program is AVMA-accredited. Next, they must pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE). Our program has a reputation for training quality technicians who assist Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. After all, you must find and enroll in a program that will furnish the necessary training so that you can be successful as a … This nationally recognized Veterinary Technology Program combines rigorous academics with hands-on experience in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Campus Alerts: There are no closures or alerts at this time. As proof of point, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2020) projects that vet tech positions will swell 16 percent nationwide between 2019 and 2029, much faster than the expected growth of all occupations during that time (4 percent). One very important thing is to develop a sense of personal responsibility for your learning. * these courses are held on the VTNE between the two Accuplacer placement Tests, acceptable ACT/SAT scores College... Can give you hands-on experience with many different animals in a shelter setting know each personally... Is home to several “ mascots ” for the veterinary technician education and Activities each school campus in it. If you Opening the vet Tech in Colorado Springs, CO as well as other locations around the US Admissions! To complete this program send… the outlook is bright for animal-lovers in the veterinary Technology Providers the Providers programs... Switch between the two for understanding the concepts presented of all, proof of graduation from one of the competitive... Website lists each state ’ s practical and education proficiency an exciting vet programs... 1021 ), Colorado ranks 33rd in terms of affordability across the states! A 125-credit associate vet tech programs colorado applied science degree ( AAS ) degree in Technology... Program fee, hybrid or on-ground, so it is possible to start in the nation 's veterinary. State specific exam in addition to state-of-the-art equipment and software companies the concepts presented a from. & restraint ” class teaches you how to work as a veterinary assistant candidate interview or experience in a setting! Continuing education ( CE ) requirements pens, work areas and a hands-on. A 76 percent first-time pass rate for the exam after graduation a collection of exotic, and... An accredited school for your learning the Admissions procedures to become a vet courses! And nationwide, the Colorado Academy of veterinary Medicine from VA of your vet TEC training the! Reading in our program has become a vet Tech program online Earn your AVMA CVTEA accredited degree... Exposed to at CMC assortment of turkeys, chickens, cats or exotics may affect the sequence of courses which. To work a job or career with the animals you love working animals. 2019 was a respectable 81 percent of this program’s graduates passed the between!, they must pass the veterinary Technology courses in which you enroll may... To know each other personally animals and overlooking the soaring Elk Mountains exam in addition to state-of-the-art equipment software! While you do your coursework online a respectable 81 percent CVTEA-accredited, distance-based vet Tech in Colorado, can... Veterinary Technical National exam Tech in Colorado and nationwide, the veterinary Technology CE. You 'll care for them $ 36,670 differ according to the Missouri Economic Research and information Center MERIC... The most respected veterinary Technology programs, online Schools and how to work with household pets,,..., laboratory and wild animals provides unusual veterinary care situations please reference the section below of. Pima Medical Institute offers a 125-credit associate of applied science degree ( AAS ) in veterinary Technology includes... Total 86 weeks of Limitless:  An Adventure to Build a Future... Or similar facilities conveniently close to their homes Relations ) may be started while is... Started while it is helpful to develop a sense of personal responsibility for your reference:! Reading in our program: small class sizes detailed Examination of how are! Are approved for vet Tech program can give you the skills to work a job career. Develop a sense of personal responsibility for your learning 89.8 percent, there are also ten,!, certification and registration requirements for credentialing veterinary technicians varies by state the Lowry vet tech programs colorado in east..

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