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10:30 candy bar

As I got off the city bus on a daily basis there was a candy truck on the corner everyday. The best candy bar ever. I'm sure they'd be a huge seller. Would you be so kind to email it to onatripw3@gmail.com ? We moved out of state when I was 7 and I never remember seeing them again. The first time I bit into it I was IMMEDIATELY HOOKED! MY FAVORITES WAS THE ORANGE AND APPLE. Edgar P. Lewis Candy Co. (f. 1922) in Malden, Mass. I loved a 10:30. Favorite Answer. 10:30 candy bar? After more than 30 years, I suddenly had a craving for the 10:30 bar this morning. I was going out of my mind trying to find ANYONE who remembered this chocolate bar! They need to bring this candy bar back...I still feinding for it...and people dont knowwhat I am talking about when I mention 'THE 10:30 CANDY BAR'...(there's that voice again...lol...) A candy bar so great, it deserves capital letters. i … at the time i didn't care (cause i was a kid) but they were also a lighter calorie candy bar.. they should bring them back asap! PET milk purchased Schrafft's in 1967; breaking the ice cream, restaurant, and candy operations into separate companies. The 10:30 Bar was wrapped in a transparent wrapper, which was to enhance sales as the bar had an … Outside of candy corn and Reese’s peanut butter cups, this was #3 on my big board. It's like starting off your day with a "not quite as bad for you" candy bar. I always get my hopes up when I stumble upon a retro-candy shop but have never found them. The delicious white chocolate and rice crunchies almost like a 100,000 bar. I keep looking from time to time that’s when I found this site. It was my favorite i would like one right now they need to start making them again. One of the best ever made. 10:30 candy Bar (Schrafft’s Candy Company, 1970s) The 10:30 candy Bar was made by the Schrafft’s Candy Company in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Favorite Answer. Not sure where I would get them, though. I absolutely remember this AWESOME, did I mention AWESOME candy bar - I was just asking my co-workers have they heard of it - 10:30 was and still is the BEST candy bar ever made (there I said it). I have even looked for a commercial and, again, nothing. Like right now! This was the best candy bar ever! Thanks Sean for the background on the candy company that made it. Now I kinda wish I could try one now. Wish it were still around. I described this bar (not knowing what it was called) and everyone looked at me with blank faces. hahaha I'm in N.Tonawanda,NY and no body seems to remember this bar. Delish! 50 Of The Best Recipes Using Snickers • Love From The Oven I grew up in a small town and they were sold at the 7-11 store up the street. Wow - most of the comments mirror mine! It would be Great if they came back. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Currently the building, Schrafft's Center, is owned by the Flatley Company, and now operates as a commercial property.". Learn how your comment data is processed. Does anyone remember who made them? There was a candy bar in the late 1970s called the 9:30 Bar. Nobody I know has heard of these. King Kupp specialized in Peanut Butter cups. I do believe that somewhere is that recipe and somewhere a present company would love to get their hands on it to make a MILLION DOLLARS if they sold it again. One of the Lewis products launched from the Schrafft factory in Sullivan Square in Charlestown, Massachusetts, was the 10:30 bar, advertised as “that candy bar that’s somethin’ else.” The 10:30 bar was made of crisped rice and a candied mixture that was covered with an off-white milk chocolate and could be viewed through a clear wrapper, a sales enhancer, given the bar’s appetizing appearance. LOL......They also had like rice krispy type crunchies in them and were almost lumpy because of them. it may have had some crisped rice in the chocolate because I remember the surface was kind of irregular, not smooth like a Kit Kat. I knew I was not crazy and I knew it existed. It's good to see there are so many who remember this candy bar. Ate these on a regular basis until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces and went overseas. then i would go to Nostrand Ave. to wipe out the Wacky Packages.I still have about 20 of these collectibles.Anyone have fond memories of these? There was nothing like it then and has never been anything like it since! I never remember getting them anywhere else. This was truly one of my favorite candy bars growing up. it was a cinnamon that added to the great taste. This site is blowing my mind!! A comprehensive database of more than 34 candy quizzes online, test your knowledge with candy quiz questions. Yes! In 1981, it went out of business briefly before being taken over by new management.” From “The Great American Candy Bar Book,” © 1982 by Ray Broekel, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2 park st., Boston, MA 02108 I've submitted a scan of the illusive 10:30 wrapper from the above book (a picture of which I can't seem to find anywhere on the entirety of the Internet). Outside the region, you probably had no idea. Now I know it's the "10:30" bar!! Wow! I have a vague memory of a commercial that said 10:30 bars were for sophsiticated adults and should be eaten after the kids went to bed, 10:30pm. The 70'S was a great time to grow up!! Please help me figure it out. I wish it were in color, but the book is printed in B&W. It had a lightness to it, like it was the candy bar that angels would eat... probably still do, as no doubt they are available in afterlife vending machines. I loved this bar and always had the wrong time name. I used to buy them here in Kendallville IN. I had to start searching the internet just to prove myself! a site, timepassagesnostalgia.com has a foil wrapper photo for a peppermint patty chocolate mint (from 1970 or so). Then all of a sudden they were gone.I guess I didn't eat enough of them. I would give anything for just one more bite of a 10:30 bar! I’m 53 now. I too thought that as many as these bars I'd buy everyday would have kept the company in business. Agree with so many of these comments, what would it take to request these be reintroduced by the manufacturer? YES, I TOO THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY!!! I guess that's why I started thinking of 10:30 bars. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I'm located opposite of the majority--- southwest. My father tried in to find my greatly favored 10:30 bar at other places, to no avail. MY MOM AND MY BROTHER AND SISTERS WOULD TAKE A WALK EVERY NITE TO THE NEWSTAND BY THE ELEVATED TRAIN STATION AND WE'D BUY A COUPLE OF 10:30'S. Omg! My husband does not remember them at all...Wow!! They must have had a hard drug in them because they were not available very long. With all the garbage out there, this would be such a nice treat. Just decided to google it and am disappointed to find they are definitely discontinued. ooooh i miss that candy bar!!! They were awesome. 😀😀😀😀😀. Must have been an East Coast thing, most people around here don't remember it except for two co-workers who, like me, are originally from western NY. I remember a Saturday morning commercial where I actually saw the candy bar for the first time, and this is what made me go to the candy store and buy one. My first experience was in NorthCarolina in 1975, I brought one box for my entire family while on our road trip. There might be a problem with artificial flavors though....that could be anything. So light and crispy. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A fabulous piece of childhood memory. The following are links about 10:30 candy bar you may find interesting. Top left of the pic. And then we would eat that baby. Was thinking I had the Name Wrong. Relevance. I always think about this candy bar...It was delicious, light and crispy...I thought by looking online, I would find hope in my search for this candy bar, but to no avail, their's no more 1030 candy bar too bad.. But beware, they don't handle summer transit very well (see pic). Wish someone could find a picture. Submit a story or info about 10:30 candy bar,